The Assembly has Begun.

Ancient Warriors have arrived to battle for eternal glory. Whose side will you choose in the War for the Metaverse?
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Will you Heed the Call?

A world-class gaming publisher producing revolutionary NFT gaming projects with real utility, long-term value - and a huge element of fun. The Assembly is a premium NFT project created by gaming industry veterans.
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Assemble your friends and collect your NFT army of soldiers, each with unique stats and bonuses. Warriors and mythical heroes from across history will clash for supremacy in a 5v5 battlefield.

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You and your team will fight, loot, equip yourselves, and vanquish your enemies in the arena. Once the arms fall and the blood dries only one will be left triumphant to climb the worldwide leader board.

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Earn $WEALTH for battles won, rewards staked, and NFTs rented out or sold. Upgrade your weapons or craft new ones and add them to your wallet. Exchange rewards for other cryptos or fiat.

The Assembly

The Assembly

GameFi at its Best

GameFi is the merging of gaming and finance, specifically decentralized finance (DeFi), supported by Web3.0 and the power of the metaverse.

The Assembly is an AAA-quality gaming experience powered by art, history, NFTs, and the crypto economy. It is a MOBA-style video game built on Solana with high production quality, exceptional artwork and graphics, and exciting gameplay.

Unlike in traditional games, players can own the items they use, represented by NFTs or ownership certificates.

Ultimate In Personalization & Interactivity

Customize your Hero. Add traits from legendary characters – Caesar’s headgear, Hannibal’s eyes, Pluto’s chest scars. Build a loadout of weapons, armor, and capabilities for each battle.

Level up and unlock new abilities and weapons by fighting other players, slaying monsters, and protecting or taking outposts. Find or seize weapons and equipment through looting or pick up what enemies have dropped on the battlefield.

Play & Collect

Collect NFTs for Characters, Land, and Battle Gear in The Assembly Universe. $Wealth tokens, Weapons Cards and a SoulStone (Ult ability) will be airdropped to you with every Character NFT. Build your arsenal of gear and capabilities. Buy Weapons Cards from the Game Store or win them in battle. Use parts of weapons and other materials to upgrade your current weapons or forge your own in the Crafting Station.

Earn as You Play

Earn $WEALTH tokens for battles won. Swap them for in-game items or exchange them on the open market for other cryptocurrencies or fiat. Stake your $WEALTH in the Assembly staking pool to gain more. Provide liquidity to $WEALTH pairs on decentralized exchanges and receive APY%.

Rent or sell Gear and Land NFTs to other players or on the open market, and earn royalties if others want to customize their Heroes with the skins or traits of your Character NFTs.

Staking Arena

Earn and play while The Assembly Game is under development. Commit your Character NFTs to Wars in our Staking Arena. Generate Hero Cards with different attack (ATK) stats and add Weapons Cards from your collection, or buy them from the Game Store. Roll the dice for auto battles between teams and win $WEALTH. A War is five battles over 8 hours.

After a War, commit new NFTs or the same team for another War. $WEALTH rewards will be tallied and distributed to your wallet once a month.
A lineup of a Viking, A Roman and a Mayan warrior standing and looking tough.
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